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Ernie’s plan is threefold: Create a High Tech Economic Zone in Gwinnett County that will create high paying jobs. Leverage a Green Economy that leverages technology to create products and services addressing environmental solutions that help finance environmental measures combating Climate Change without raising taxesAnd, provide affordable healthcare to all.

1. High Tech Economic Zone for Gwinnett County - Support Public Private Partnerships  (PPP) and tax incentives for Venture Capital firms that leverage funding for incubators that support small start-up high tech firms that create jobs that earn a living wage, and grow our local economy. Support STEM training and technology in secondary education, including adult apprenticeships, to create a high tech force that would bring investment to Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County, the next “Silicon Valley”? Yes we can!

2. Create a Green Economy which leverages technology and creates environmental products and services, solutions to combat Climate Change, that helps fund needed environmental policies to save our environment, including infrastructure investments to alleviate traffic and pollution in our highways, not to mention lessening travel time in Metro Atlanta. Let us not let our children have to address this in the future when it could be too late! A Green economy can help fund solutions without raising taxes to accomplish environmental change. 

3. Affordable Healthcare - healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I will endorse policies that improve the current Affordable Care Act, can make structural changes in health delivery to lower cost, and keeps choice intact. My father, a cardiologist, treated all regardless of their ability to pay. Some of his patients would stop by our house with delicious home-baked goods to show their appreciation. As a child, it made me feel proud of him. Unfortunately, today the days of the Hippocratic Oath, in terms of healthcare affordabilityare behind us. 

All politics is local! My focus is in addressing our District’s TOP THREE “bread and butter issues” with policies that can help build consensus across the political aisle necessary for successful implementation of policies meant to improve our standard of living in our District. 

To accomplish these three “bread and butter” goals, knowledge, expertise, and experience are needed. My education and experience in science, technology, public service in the military, business, leadership, problem solving, and healthcare affords me unique skills necessary for successful implementation of policies to benefit everyone in District 45.

CALL TO ACTION! If you support these three universal issues - jobs & education, the environment, and affordable healthcare, vote for Ernie Anaya for Georgia State Senate District 45.

Notice: I have lived in our District for 17 years and familiar with our issues. Our 13 year old is an honor student in Gwinnett County Schools. As a resident in District 45 I am concerned about these top three issues I have mentioned above that affects us all. I am self-funding my campaign for the primary instead of asking for your donation, all I am asking is for your vote! 



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